The women’s abuse through their commercialization

Just a product

Woman product factory…welcome to the real world, welcome to the real problem of our sick society.

Here I expose a woman in a vacuum bag. Woman is treated without mercy, without soul!

How can we respect woman as a human being if we treat her as a thing?

Drowning in a system of inertia

Spare time seems like a hanger…
She cant escape from the reality and cruelty of her real life… Even inside her very dreams!

Was she abused long before the “actual ” events… ?
Drowned in her thoughts…

What more to think? She needs to act …

Hang out products

Women are treated as a piece of meat!

Whatever they want

They cant even realize who she is anymore…
Her life is a Loophole… They just take the parts they need of them until they have no use for them.

Relationships in maintance

Thet fell inside like Alice in wonderland but …. this is not a fairy tale!

Who could warn them about the dangers?
Who could explain to them how messed up the people are…

Something to hit on

Is she just an object to hit on? Why someone should ever replace love with hate or abuse?

Her body, her choice

It’s her body and her choice until she doesn’t have a choice…
Until someone begin to believe he owns her .
Until your goverment vote a law that give them the rights and decisions for her own body???

Trapped by people’s opinion

Who would really understand what she is been through and actually help her!
Is it a real prison or the judgment of a sick society?
Is she trapped in her prison or we have trapped her in a false model of acceptance?

Don’t let go

She’s blind!
Her life is like living in a glass prison… how thin are the walls? Can she escape!?

Psychologicaly and physicaly isolated

Struggling for her life… abandoned in her cocoon of depression, she is alone! She feels doomed and depressed! Screaming, as it was her last chance to grab something and keep her alive!


Jane Doe
She lost her identity… She lost her mind…. She lost her conscience … she lost her life!

Everything for her is total black!

Abandoned sculpt

How thin is the surface? Is she in danger after all? Her senses are frozen… Her eyes are closed.

Recycle to reuse

Far from her own house. She is thrown away like garbage!

A project finished… A done product Someone thrown away!

A new piece of art arrived

After the recycle here you go, a brand new product…
Wanna check it out?
Now all the pieces of the puzzle are back together until someone is missing his parts and needs some new…

Sit and count