About Me

I am a 25years old freelance and recently published photographer coming from Greece and located in Ioannina for the last 6 years. I was born in Thessaloniki and at the age of 19years old, after finishing my mandatory service in the greek army, started studying at Plastic arts and science of arts at Fine Art School of Ioannina. I’ve been working at photography for 5 years and the last 3 years my main projects are qualified to portrait and nude art with more than 20 publications, 10 exhibition participations and 20 distinctions in photography contests.The most recent projects of mine is on theme: »Women abuse through their commercialization» and »Solidarity Blossom».

What excites me about photography is its ability to capture reality without it being delimited and controlled by non-existent taboos, unwritten beliefs and of course the very social mechanism of construction of reality.

So I conclude that people usually prefer the elliptical conveyance of certain messages or situations to the immediate, realistic description. So realism, I think, is ultimately selectively acceptable, where it is basically desirable. My work draws its influences from everyday experiences, music, cinema, theater, poetry and of course people. The intensity that is reflected in my works aims to create in the viewer corresponding intensities of thoughts and feelings that through a special process, mobilize at the same time his organic, mental and intellectual sensitivity. Any tension presupposes turmoil and not calm.

As a young artist I have been influenced by many artistic currents and artists. I have seen myself and my works attracted by elements that appear in the movement of Surrealism and Actionism. Certainly in my course there have been artists who not only like and admire me but also who have influenced me. Some of them are Rudolf Schwarzkogler, Hermann Nitsch, Günter Brus, Chris Burden.


15/06/2022 – Virtual exhibition and 160 screenings across London – The Holy Art Gallery, London, England

03/03/2022 – Group Exhibition, »Photography Art Fair» at Oxo Tower – Cluster Photography and Print, London, England

10/09/2021 – Group exhibition »White – Blank Wall Gallery, Athens

23/08/2021 – Group exhibition »The Art of Social Media 2» – The non-profit company «THE ART» and the

Municipality of Heraklion, Crete

09/03/2021 – Group exhibition «Monochrome» – Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece

23/11/2020 – Group exhibition «Moments of Color» – Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece

23/10/2020 – Group exhibition «Portraits» – Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece

20/11/2019 – Group exhibition »Naked Eyes II». photography team Diaphragma 26, Athens, Greece


24/06/2022 – Moevir Magazine, Paris, France

24/06/2022 – Moevir Magazine, Paris, France

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25/05/2022 – Moevir Magazine, Paris, France

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